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Prime Steam is designed to provide the highest quality carpet cleaning service while keeping your comfort in mind.

Our technologically advance machinery, modern methods of cleaning and environmentally sustainable cleaning products work together to deep clean and restore your carpets back to life.

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning

Benefits when choosing Prime Steam

Low-Cost Yet Professional Service

Your carpet may be the place you take your first steps in the morning, or where children like to lay and cuddle the treasured family pet. Your carpet may be what your dear friends are walking on when they come over for dinner or where you practise your favourite dance while nobody is watching.

But your carpet is also a place where soil likes to hide and where the tiniest intruders reside. The quality of air you breathe is affected by what is hidden in it and sense of comfort is equally impacted. But don’t worry, we are here to make it all clean and beautiful so you can enjoy all those moments.

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning

To achieve the best results possible, we clean your carpet in an incredible 11 step process.

01. Pre-inspection

We begin with a pre-inspection to determine the carpet type, condition, soiling level, and damage. This will provide us with clarity and help us choose the adequate cleaning products and cleaning methods. By doing this we don’t just improve the results of cleaning, but we assure that your carpet will be safely clean without any risk of damage. We will conduct a rapid test to determine the carpet fibre and advise you about any permanent stains.

02. Commercial Pre-vacuum

We vacuum your carpet with a high-power upright vacuum equipped with a filtering system that captures 99% of all microparticles, making it ideal for anyone suffering from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions. Through the powerful vacuuming we can remove more than 80% of soil in the carpets.

03. Pre-spray and pre-spot

We pre-spray your carpet and spots with our environmentally sustainable biodegradable and highly performant products for a more effective soil and spot removal.

04. Pre-cleaning

Here is where Prime Steam is special. Unlike most of our competitors who use a simple method of agitation (or in some cases no agitation at all), we use a patented method of cleaning combining heat, chemistry and friction that will bring the soil up on the surface and make it much easier and effective to be removed.

05. Cleaning and Sanitising

According to the pre-inspection results we will choose the most effective method of cleaning for your carpet. Through our highly technologically advanced equipment we can clean using multiple methods, combination cleaning methods, though minimising water waste, while providing unparalleled results. Your carpet will be sanitised and all pathogens including SARsCov2 will be neutralised. It will dry as fast as 30 minutes and stay clean for longer.

06. Rinsing

According to the cleaning method chosen, the rinsing process can either be completed by using our rotary machine or our hot water extraction machine. Both methods will leave your carpet at a neutral pH, clean and free of pollutants. This makes our service ideal for people with pets, children, and anyone with respiratory and immunological issues.

07. Post-spot Treatment

If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, additional spotting treatment may be required. Additional charges may apply for this service if specific stains need attention. Please note that some stains are permanent and may not be possible to remove.

08. Anti-Soil Protection

To assure that your carpets are protected and will stay clean and fresh for longer, for an additional price we can apply an anti-soil protection. This will protect your carpet from spills, preventing stains and will extend the longevity of your carpet.

09. Post Grooming

We brush your carpet in one direction for faster drying and for a more beautiful appearance.

10. Post Inspection

We advise you to walk through your home to evaluate our work and let us know that you are pleased with our service. We will advise you of any installation defects, stains that did not respond to treatment or condition of wear.

11. Risk-Free Guarantee

Should there be an area that you are not completely satisfied we will re-clean the area at no extra charge

12. Risk-Free Guarantee

Should there be an area that you are not completely satisfied we will re-clean the area at no extra charge

Stain Removal

No matter how careful the homeowner, accidents will happen. Whether your nightmare moment was caused by a spilled glass of red wine on the sofa, a splash of oil on the carpet or some other stroke of bad luck, our friendly, highly skilled professional cleaners will work their magic on the stains around your home.

Animal Odours

Let’s be blunt about this: dog and cat pee on soft furnishings can become engrained in the fabric and linger forever. We use specialist products to attack these whiffs head-on and can remove the smells of dog and cat urine from carpets, sofas, chairs and more.


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